Global Online Exhibition Of Import Export Companies From Europe offers a platform for presenting and promoting export-oriented companies from Europe. It provides these featured companies with unlimited space for detailed presentations and ensures meaningful connections that international expos can facilitate between European export companies and global buyers.

Through its range of services for showcasing and promoting collaborating companies in international markets, enhances the conditions for fostering mutual partnerships and aligning the goals of sellers and buyers.

Detailed Presentation of Offerings: For a detailed presentation of our services, please see below: 7 Years of Successful Operation is in its 7th year of operation

as a global online exhibition of companies from Europe

based in Germany and Greece,

which provides all the companies participating as exhibitors with the possibility of their analytical presentation using visual material and text in an unlimited space, giving them the essential opportunity of claiming the comparative advantage from global researchers looking for new collaborations.

Meeting the goal of upgrading the clientele and adding value to the products

With the participation of exporting companies in, they are given access to the global market where there are hundreds of thousands of importing companies, some of them can implement the goal of our exhibitors to upgrade their clientele and add value to the products they export.

Participation in the heart of the competition as an international exhibition ensures that exporting companies based in a European country participate in claiming new partnerships with importing companies from the world market, claiming the comparative advantage from the essence of their competition which are companies from Europe .

How important is the use of visual material and text in the presentation of companies.

The correct use of visual material and copywriting is vital for export companies participating in the only online exhibition of export companies from Europe, as it helps to achieve success in gaining a comparative advantage with prospective buyers, for this reason we have created a specialized team that is in charge of creating the presentations of the cooperating companies by utilizing the most appropriate elements found from their corporate websites and judging the final result in order to identify the parts of the presentation that need upgrading, which they communicate to the cooperating companies.

Continuous upgrading of presentations contributes to long-term prosperity

The constant upgrading of the presentation of exporting companies is necessary to maintain and upgrade their success in the global market, given that our main service to global researchers is to provide ideal presentations to facilitate the comparison of companies, the executives of seek permanent cooperation with the companies participating in it by prompting and contributing to the continuous upgrades of their presentations at least once a year.

Providing easy and quick access

At easy and quick access to the information visitors are looking for is our absolute priority. We understand that users’ time is valuable and that efficient website navigation is key to their satisfaction.

The strategic selection of the small number of companies in each category

Our aim is to keep a small number of companies that we present in each product category, so that the researcher has the opportunity to be informed about all the companies in a time that is objectively possible for him.

The way we keep a small number of companies in each category

Maintaining the small number of exhibitors participating on is done through the criteria we apply to our agreement to feature companies (companies should meet the conditions to support the requirements for the ideal presentation in an online exhibition, with the tolerance of a one-year trial period to the companies who intend to meet the requirements)

Strengthening our global momentum

Our team has taken care to strengthen the dynamics of on the world wide web with a package of proprietary websites that currently exceed 250

Securing dominant ranking positions worldwide

With the dynamics that we have developed on the global internet through our proprietary websites, we occupy dominant positions in the largest search engines such as google etc. in results regarding the most relevant searches with the services we provide to our partner companies

Strengthening the global awareness of partner companies

The dominant positions occupied by our websites have the potential to provide multiple views of the brand name of the cooperating companies, directly contributing to the strengthening of their recognition by global buyers.

Our contribution to the construction / reconstruction of corporate websites

Our specialized knowledge in web presentations at the level of export companies can provide catalytic services in the construction or remodeling of corporate websites in the textual writing and the use of appropriate visual material, which are both the main source and the work object of our executives to find of the most appropriate data that will be used for their detailed presentation on

Availability of unique advertising positions

Given that we do not aim at revenue by creating unlimited advertising positions on each of our websites that would create inequalities between the featured companies, we took care to create a dynamic advertisement in the neutral positions of the initial pages from websites that are general and refer to all export companies from Europe.

eg / /

Today there are 40 available positions to claim from all the cooperating companies.

The dimensions of the advertising banners are 2048 X 300 which have the direct reference to the corporate website of the displayed company.

Continuous upgrading and enrichment of our services

Our executives constantly upgrade the services we provide, at the same time they try and succeed in creating new benefits with the aim of minimizing the risk of the financial investment that companies make for our cooperation

With long-term prosperity, our goal is to win the long-term trust of partner companies and global searchers who are looking for information to find new partners.


The executives of have a base of a set of benefits that they are constantly upgrading and enriching, which can meet the requirements of export companies for their success in multiple objectives by drastically reducing the risk of their financial investment.


With our belief that through comparison the advantages and disadvantages of the companies emerge, we urge you to enter the process of comparing us with the confidence that you will find the answer for the profitability of your investment in the benefits we give to the cooperating companies.



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