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La Pinède, quality brand

La Pinède is more than a trademark. Each fruit under our name carries our values: a consistent quality, a die mobilized to defend a craft heritage; a committed culture and respectful of nature.


La Pinède was a natural choice in most of european markets, with more than 7500 tons of fruits (melon, kiwi, plum, grape) marketed each year.


The brand is identified and prized by consumers looking for local products and authentic flavors.

Human wealth and technical

La Pinède is a familial company: we have, for generations, this taste for good work and a long experience of earth.


With this know-how adds the dominion of modern technologies, like maturity control or sugar rate. Our informatic system ensures the detailed traceability of fruits.


Betwin technical innovation and human wealth, irreplaceabble, La Pinède is engaged in a global quality demarch and certified.


From Cavaillon, La Pinède company has this culture of model work. A long experience with the most modern technologies and the characteristics of this exceptional soil, the Quercy.


Several stages


– From reception to is the company, the products are immediately cooled down.

– The maturity control and sugar rate are make before calibration and packaging.

– Each product are subject to specific care by a manual draw and a visual selection on a sizer.

– Traceability is ensured by a computer program combining all the informations related to the product. (producer, harvest date, plot, lot, control, etc …).

– A signage record may be given on demand.

La Pinède
Lieu-dit du Haut Fauré
Belfort-du-Quercy – 46230