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Greek Sweets Nikolaidis, a name that represents high quality and tradition in the production of Greek sweets, has won the trust and admiration of gastronomy lovers around the world. At the heart of the effectiveness and excellent taste of its products is the company’s commitment to the use of superior quality raw materials.

Greek Sweets Nikolaidis recognizes that the quality of raw materials is the heart of the production process. When choosing raw materials, the company focuses on strict criteria, emphasizing freshness, authenticity and seasonality. The selected ingredients come from the Greek land and specifically from the wider area of Drama, offering a unique taste experience to the global consumers of the infamous ΄΄ Touloumba Nikolaidis ΄΄.

Timeless Partnerships

The Greek Sweets Nikolaidis craft is an example of cooperation and maintaining strong relationships with its partners, both domestically and internationally. The longstanding partnerships it maintains in domestic wholesale and exports reflect the company’s reliability, dedication and success.

In the field of domestic wholesale, Greek Sweets Nikolaidis maintains close relationships with a variety of partners. Customers such as market shops, supermarket chains, cafes and restaurants have trusted Greek Sweets Nikolaidis products for decades. The company’s reliability and stability mean that its partners can count on a continuous supply of high-quality products. The continuous and mutually successful collaboration between Greek Sweets Nikolaidis and domestic partners represents a timeless commitment to provide the best possible quality to consumers.

In the field of exports, Greek Sweets Nikolaidis has negotiated and maintained long-term partnerships with international partners and exports its products to many countries worldwide. The reliability and dynamic presence of the company in the international markets have contributed to the creation of a wide network of partners. These timeless relationships of trust allow Greek Sweets Nikolaidis to offer the precious Greek flavors to customers all over the world.

The long-standing partnerships of the Greek Sweets Nikolaidis craft industry, both in domestic wholesale and in the export sector, are the support of the company’s success. Quality, reliability and dedication to partners and customers represent the values that guide Greek Sweets Nikolaidis and make it a model for the food industry worldwide.


The Specialization of the Greek Sweets Nikolaidis craft in Touloumba and the International Presence

The “Greek Sweets Nikolaidis” craft today achieves 30 years of specialization in making exclusively touloumbas in Drama. The advantage of this specialization is reflected in the high quality of their products. The constant innovation in their recipes has made them the leading producers of touloumba in Greece. In addition to the wholesale sale in Greece, in recent years it has also been active in exporting to various European countries, expanding the reach of the excellent tulumba to new markets. With its roots in tradition and love for gastronomy, “Greek Sweets Nikolaidis” continues to keep alive the beloved taste of touloumba and offer sweet moments to people all over Europe.

The high compliance index of the Greek Sweets Nikolaidis craft to consumer hygiene protection regulations

Greek Sweets Nikolaidis represents not only the excellent quality of Greek sweets, but also its strong commitment to protecting the health of the consumer. While creating delicious desserts is fundamental, the company does not neglect to achieve the highest hygiene and safety standards at every stage of production.

Greek Sweets Nikolaidis’ high compliance index with consumer hygiene protection regulations reflects its commitment to producing safe and healthy products. Every stage of the production process is strictly controlled, from the approximate collection of raw materials to packaging and distribution.

The responsibility of Greek Sweets Nikolaidis begins with the selection of raw materials. The company cooperates with reliable suppliers who meet high quality standards. As the raw materials enter the factory, they undergo strict controls to protect against potential contamination while maintaining their freshness and quality.

During the production process, Greek Sweets Nikolaidis follows strict sanitary practices. Products are subject to quality controls during manufacture, while staff are trained to meet hygiene and safety standards.

In conclusion, Greek Sweets Nikolaidis’ high compliance index with consumer hygiene protection regulations reflects its passion and commitment to produce healthy and safe sweets. Consumers can enjoy Greek Sweets Nikolaidis products with confidence, knowing that their safety and health are always at the center of production.

The Building Facilities of the Greek Sweets Nikolaidis Factory in Drama

The area of Drama is the place where the Greek Sweets Nikolaidis craft has developed its premises for decades, creating a true house of quality and tradition in the production of Greek sweets.

The premises of Greek Sweets Nikolaidis in Drama are an example of modern technology combined with respect for tradition and culinary art. The buildings reflect the company’s aesthetic, exuding the air of quality traditional Greek gastronomy.

The facilities have modern equipment and meet the highest hygiene and safety standards. The production process is carefully monitored, ensuring the quality and consistency of the products. Specialized staff work from the first moment of preparation to packaging and distribution, with knowledge and dedication to the creation of delicious sweets.

The environment around the premises reflects the love of Greek Sweets Nikolaidis for nature and sustainable production. The buildings are located in a beautiful natural area, where natural raw materials, such as fresh fruits and aromas, emerge in all their glory.

The premises of Greek Sweets Nikolaidis in Drama are the core of the production of high quality Greek sweets and represent the continuation of the Greek culinary tradition with an international approach. Here, traditional taste meets modern manufacturing excellence, creating an environment where quality reigns and taste is irreplaceable.

About us

“Greek Sweets Nikolaidis: 30 Years of Touloumba Production in Drama”

Greek Sweets Nikolaidis is a solid pillar in the field of sweet art in Greece, with an impressive track record that now lasts for 30 years. Based in the picturesque Drama, this craft has managed to offer superior quality to the traditional sweet that goes by the name of Touloumba.

The story of Greek Sweets Nikolaidis begins three decades ago, when its founder, Mr. Nikolaidis, decided to dedicate his life to the creation of authentic Greek sweets. With passion and dedication, he began to produce the traditional Tulumba sweet, which is a favorite treat for many.

The Toulumba Technique:
Touloumba is a sweet that requires excellent technique and attention to detail. Mr. Nikolaidis learned this art from older generations and developed it to the highest level. The selection of the best materials and the absolute dedication to production have made Nikolaidis products famous for their authenticity and taste.

The Secret of Success:
The success of Greek Sweets Nikolaidis is based on the quality of its products, but also on the preservation of traditional manufacturing methods. In addition, the company has invested in a modern production facility to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and safety.

The Spread of Touloumba:
Greek Sweets Nikolaidis’ Tulumba has conquered the hearts of consumers in Greece and all over the world. With its distinctive taste, this sweet is an integral part of the Greek tradition.

Our success:
Greek Sweets Nikolaidis represents the love and passion for preserving the Greek tradition through gastronomy. With 30 years of operation, this craft continues to impress with the high quality of its products and its commitment to the ancient art of confectionery. Nikolaidis’ Touloumba is a taste we love and will continue to love for generations to come.

Invitation for cooperation :

We invite you to consider partnering with Greek Sweets Nikolaidis in the wholesale business of the beloved tulumba sweet. Choosing Greek Sweets Nikolaidis as your partner in the preparation and distribution of touloumba can offer you several important incentives, which we will analyze below.

1. Decades of Experience in Making Touloumba: Greek Sweets Nikolaidis has been active for decades exclusively in the preparation of Touloumba. This shows the experience and knowledge we have in the production of this traditional dessert. Our long-term presence in the field is a guarantee that the quality and taste of our product are indisputable.

2. Direct Relationship with the Producers of the Raw Materials: We work directly with the producers of our raw materials in our region. This allows us to ensure that the materials we use are of the highest quality and sourced from the best suppliers in our area. This ensures not only quality, but also competitive prices.

3. Consistent Quality at High Standards: In the world of wholesale, quality is decisive. Greek Sweets Nikolaidis maintains consistent quality to high standards, striving for perfection and consistency in every batch of our touloumba. We are dedicated to producing a product that will satisfy the most demanding customers.

Looking for a reliable partner for the wholesale sale of touloumba, we invite you to consider the possibilities of cooperation with Greek Sweets Nikolaidis. We are ready to provide you with high quality products, the necessary support and the reliability we have established in our market. We are convinced that a partnership with us will be a mutual benefit and help you offer the best sweets to your customers.

Thank you for your interest and we look forward to discussing our possible partnership.

Sincerely, The Greek Sweets Nikolaidis team

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