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Kymi of Evia

The area of Kymi, located in the center of the island of Evia in Greece, is an ideal environment for the production of superior quality figs. The natural and climatic conditions of the region combine with the dedicated agricultural labor of local producers to create a paradise for fig growing.

The main reasons that make Kymi suitable for producing high quality figs include:

Climate: The distinct Mediterranean character of the climate in Kymi, with mild winters and hot summers, provides ideal conditions for the growth of figs. The high summer temperatures contribute to the ripening of the fruits and the improvement of their taste.

Soil conditions: The soil background of the area provides adequate drainage and rich nutrient soil for the growth of figs. These conditions allow the roots to draw the necessary nutrients for the healthy growth of the trees and their fruits.

Local community support: Growers in the Kymi region work closely together and share knowledge and practices, helping each other to improve the quality of production. This creates a community that embraces a commitment to quality and sustainable agriculture.

In summary, the area of Kymi offers the ideal conditions for the cultivation of figs of superior quality. The combination of climate, soil conditions and the producers’ love of agriculture has created a renowned sector in the region that produces high quality figs that are enjoyed by consumers across the country and beyond.

Our farms

The production of superior quality figs in the area of Kymi is a successful example of an agricultural activity developed with love and care by the brothers Antonis, George and Paraskevi Geralis. This family business, which started several years ago, has managed to establish itself in the field of fig cultivation and offer the market high quality products.

The secret of their success lies in their adherence to the best farming practices and the care they devote to each stage of cultivation. Today the family is active, in six seasons with 700 fig trees of integrated organic cultivation that are completely natural, without chemical products or synthetic fertilizers. Instead, they use organic methods and choose the most resistant and disease-resistant fig varieties.

Product of Protected Origin

Protected Origin figs from Kymi are a true culinary delight that bears the seal of tradition and quality. The excellent climatic conditions of the Kymi region create the ideal environment for the cultivation of these figs, giving them unique taste and aromatic characteristics.

The protected origin ensures the authenticity of the product, as these figs come exclusively from the Kymi region. Every fig bearing this seal is a completely natural and quality product, reflecting the love and care of local farmers.

Protected Origin figs from Kymi are an absolute complement to a healthy diet and an opportunity to discover the richness of the region’s culinary heritage.

organic farming

The Gerali family emphasizes the importance of organic farming in the production of figs. With passion and dedication, this family emphasizes natural sustainability and environmental protection, avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Organic farming gives them figs rich in flavor and nutritional properties, preserving their natural beauty. Each fig produced by the Geralis family is a high quality product that reflects their care and love for agriculture.

Overall, the Gerali family is a model for organic fig cultivation, offering healthy and tasty figs that reflect the value of natural and sustainable agriculture.

Accumulation of figs in the drying area

The Gerali family takes care of the gathering of figs in the place of their drying process with passion. This moment is the peak of the production process, as only ripe and quality figs are carefully selected to undergo drying.

Each fig, before entering the drying process, undergoes strict selection and preparation. This ensures that the final product will be of high quality and retain its natural flavor and nutritional value. Gathering these figs marks the beginning of the process that will give us the delicious and healthy dried figs we love.


The process of drying figs produced by the Geralis family is a critical step in maintaining and producing high quality figs all year round. This process follows strict quality rules and includes the following steps:

Selection of figs : Only the best fruits are selected that are ripe but not overripe. This ensures optimal taste and quality in the final product.

Cleaning and preparation: The figs are washed and the leaves and damaged areas are removed. They are then sorted into equal pieces for even drying.

Drying: Natural drying in the sun

Our figs come from the sunny orchards of Kymi, carefully picked and naturally dried in the sun to retain their delicate sweetness.

Quality control: During drying, the quality of the figs is carefully checked to ensure that there are no defects or irregularities.

Packaging: Dried figs are carefully packed in boxes that protect from moisture and light to preserve their quality.

This careful drying process followed by the Geralis family is the key to creating the delicious and healthy figs enjoyed by their consumers, both domestically and internationally.


The Geralis family is known for its dedication to quality and detail at every stage of the production of dried figs. However, a particular emphasis is placed on the packaging stage, where attention to detail and care to protect the natural value of the figs is even more pronounced.

The packaging of the dried figs of the Geralis family is done in a way that preserves their freshness and taste, ensuring that they reach the consumer exactly as they came off the tree. The thoughtful packaging highlights the quality and authenticity of the figs, making them an unrepeatable snack for all hours.

The commitment of the Geralis family to the high quality of their packaging was recognized and rewarded with a packaging award, which is recognition of their excellent work. This award confirms their commitment to quality and aesthetics in the field of dried fig packaging, making their products even more attractive to consumers.

last stage for dried figs

The figs of the Geralis family are ready to start their journey to the world market, bringing with them a history of quality, authenticity and health. The Geralis family has dedicated years to the cultivation of these figs, with passion and care, offering a product that represents the richness of the land and the love for natural nutrition.

The figs of the Geralis family are a symbol of quality and health. As they travel to the global market, they bring with them the natural taste of the earth and the ultimate nutritional value. Consumers looking for high quality products and authentic taste will find exactly what they are looking for in the figs of the Geralis family.

Proud of their work and their love for the land, the Geralis family offers the world a product that exceeds consumer expectations. It is the choice for those looking for quality, taste and health in every single fig that bears the Gerali name.

Our heritage

The family company PHILOSYKOS was founded in Kymi Evia in 2017 by the brothers Antonis, George and Paraskevi Geralis. Born and raised in Koumiotes, they learned from their children the traditional cultivation and drying of the famous figs of Kymi alongside their parents and grandparents.

Why should you cooperate with our company

The dried figs offered by the Geralis Family are a defiantly attractive proposition for importing companies in the global market looking for a stable company and product that will ensure their long-term prosperity. The Gerali Family has not only a deep root in the field of entrepreneurship, but also the experience and dedication to quality required to ensure success in a competitive global market.


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