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Ch. Kafalidis - Ch. Mavridis O.E. ΄΄ MANNA GI ΄΄ Export company of food products from Greece

A few words about the choice of the corporate name “MANNA GI”

It reflects our choice to process fruits and spices with emotional connection and environmental commitment. “MANNA” highlights the poetic beauty of our choice, while “GI” expresses our commitment to sustainable entrepreneurship. With this brand, we offer high quality products, combining taste and values.

36 years of professional expertise and recognition in the global market


The company Ch. Kafalidis – Ch. Mavridis O.E. has 36 years of expertise in exporting high quality food from Greece. With experience spanning three decades, the company maintains and expands an impressive portfolio of partners, including leading retail catering companies, supermarket chains, and hotel catering companies. With a commitment to high quality and reliability, the company continues to stand out in the field of food exports, strengthening the presence of Greek products on a global level.


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The Company Ch. Kafalidis – Ch. Mavridis O.E. is emerging as one of the leading Greek export companies of high quality nuts in the world market. With a combination of strict quality standards and its expertise in exporting, the company stands out for offering the highest quality nuts, giving an exceptional taste experience to its customers. With its vision to distinguish itself in the international arena, the company continues to be a point of reference in the field of nuts, strengthening the image of Greece at a global level.

Dried fruit

The company Ch. Kafalidis – Ch. Mavridis OE stands out for the excellent quality of the dried fruits it processes and exports. Figs, apricots, plums, cherries and Corinthian raisins come from selected regions of Greece, ensuring high quality and an authentic taste experience. With strict controls during the processing process, the company maintains the freshness and nutrients of the fruit, thus enhancing its reputation as a leading exporter in the international market.

Super Foods

The processing and marketing company Ch. Kafalidis – Ch. Mavridis OE stands out for its “superfood” product line, which includes fruits from selected regions of Greece. The company selects producers who produce berries of superior quality, thus offering the market superfood products of high nutritional value.

The fruits, especially the berries, come from areas with a favorable climate and fertile soil in Greece. The company seeks to highlight the natural flavors and nutritional benefits of berries, carefully selecting producers who are committed to quality production.

The company’s variety of superfood products demonstrates its commitment to healthy eating and offering high-quality products to consumers. With this approach, the company seeks to meet the modern needs of consumers looking for healthy and nutritious options.


The processing and trading company Ch. Kafalidis – Ch. Mavridis OE stands out for the fine range of spices it exports, with an emphasis on products such as oregano and thyme. These spices are distinguished for their ideal performances in organoleptic results, as they belong to a quality class of superior quality.

Oregano, carefully selected by the company, represents its excellent quality and intense aroma. Oregano is processed according to strict standards, ensuring the preservation of its natural characteristics, and offering a product of high culinary value.

Thyme, too, is a sophisticated product of the company. It is selected from areas with special climatic conditions that favor the quality of the thyme. The careful processing process preserves its aromas and taste characteristics, offering consumers a product that stands out for its quality.

Overall, the company is committed to offering high-quality spices, enriching the culinary experience of consumers with products that meet high culinary expectations.


The processing and marketing company Ch. Kafalidis – Ch. Mavridis OE is committed to providing packaging that meets the needs of end consumers and businesses, offering at the same time high quality and aesthetic distinction on the shelves of retail stores.

The company’s packaging is designed with practicality and durability in mind, while at the same time taking into account the aesthetic distinction that will impress the consumer public. This ensures not only the preservation of the freshness and quality of the products, but also a positive experience for the consumer.

Therefore, the company offers a wide range of packages, adapted to different needs and preferences. In addition, there is the possibility of customized packaging, where buyers can consult with the company’s export manager to choose the type of packaging that perfectly suits their needs and preferences. With this flexibility, the company ensures the complete satisfaction of its customers by offering customized solutions and enhancing the awareness of its products in the market.

Detailed information

Visit our corporate website at the link below and be informed in detail about all of our products and a series of benefits and services that we provide which have secured us long-term partnerships and the global recognition of our corporate brand among global buyers and their final consumers.


Since 1987, the company Ch. Kafalidis – Ch. Mavridis OE stands out in the collection, standardization , packaging and export of Greek fruits and spices. With decades of experience, it offers high-quality products that have gained a remarkable reputation worldwide. From harvesting in the Greek regions to robust packaging, the company ensures reliability and excellence in every product. Its export activity promotes Greek flavors worldwide.

Raw material collection process

The company Ch. Kafalidis – Ch. Mavridis OE has a specialized team of internal and external partners, which is effectively tasked with research, evaluation, and maintaining a record of data. The members of this team have a scientific background and experience in relevant fields, ensuring the high quality and level of know-how of the products.

The team members include scientists with expertise in agriculture and quality food processing. Their ability to identify and select high quality fruits and spices comes from their experience and systematic approach.

In addition, the team includes experts in data and information management, seeking continuous improvement of the production process. The close monitoring and analysis of the data ensures the overall quality of the products, while the convergence of their scientific knowledge enhances the successful operation of the team.


The processing and storage of the products is carried out in strict compliance with the highest global safety regulations, enhancing the protection of personnel and ensuring hygiene at a higher level for the final consumer.

Our proprietary facilities are fully equipped with the latest technology, offering not only processing efficiency but also supporting the high demands of the modern international buyer. Our mechanical equipment is combined with the specialized knowledge of our team, which consists of scientists with a level of training and experience in the field of agriculture and quality food processing.

Our goal is to ensure an undoubtedly safe and high-quality production chain, which will meet the expectations of demanding international buyers.


Our company focuses on a systematically organized system of work and responsibility management, ensuring the efficient operation and continuous monitoring of our activities. The smooth harmonization of the various departments allows us to react immediately and efficiently to any challenging situation.

The advantages of this structure are evident in the performance and quality of our products. Our ability to maintain a high level of health and safety protection, alongside prompt work monitoring, creates an environment of trust for our customers.

Equally important, our specialized equipment offers high performance and flexibility, skyrocketing our productivity. This set of advantages makes us industry leaders, offering our customers high-quality products with reliability and efficiency.

Invitation for new collaborations

Consistent with our commitment to continuous development, we are upgrading our mechanical equipment and expanding our production capacity, creating new opportunities for stable partnerships. We are open to cooperation with importing companies worldwide who are looking for reliable suppliers and partners with the ability to respond to high demands.

Our investment commitment to advanced mechanical equipment and production processes means superior quality, performance and reliability in deliveries. We demonstrate our differentiation with high quality products tailored to your needs.

The new partnerships with “MANNA GI” ensure access to high quality products and the support of a specialized export company that is always ready to offer a strategic competitive advantage to partner companies over their competition.

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