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Export companies of honey product from Greece

Exports of honey products

MELEAGROS export company of honey product from Greece

Tactics of nomadic beekeeping

Honey production area selection strategy:

  • Meleagros’ strategic choice to focus on areas belonging to the NATURA 2000 category represents a clear commitment to the natural certification of honey production.
  • This choice is not only about pro-environmental responsibility, but is also a strategy that guarantees the protection of the environment and the quality of the products produced.
  • NATURA 2000 areas are specially protected areas with the aim of preserving biodiversity and protecting natural ecosystems.
  • The company takes advantage of this protection to ensure that honey production takes place in an environment free from pollutants and other harmful factors.
  • This guarantees the integrity of the natural beauty of the area, as well as the unchanged quality of the honey.
  • Physical certification through the selection of NATURA 2000 sites is also a message of confidence to consumers. Consumers can be sure that honey from these areas is produced under conditions that promote environmental health and product quality. In this way, Meleagros consolidates its reputation as a company that pursues the highest quality honey with conscious care for the environment.

Longitudinal survey of qualitative performance of areas

  • The company Meleagros seeks to maintain high quality in honey production, as it allocates 10% of its hives to the evaluation of different areas per variety. The company follows a careful evaluation process, keeping a long-term detailed record of data. These elements are a catalyst for the selection of the areas she invests in during her annual honey harvests.
  • This approach underlines the importance the company gives to the quality performance of its honey. Maintaining longitudinal data is a tool for understanding trends and changes in honey quality by region. This allows the company to predict the best areas for investment, adapting its decisions to changes in market conditions and requirements.
  • With its unwavering commitment to quality, Meleagros seeks not only to increase production, but also to maintain and strengthen its reputation as a producer of high quality honey. Based on continuous monitoring and evaluation, the company continues to innovate and progress in the field of beekeeping, ensuring the quality and sustainability of its production.

Quality / Price ⇒ Meleagros

Quality / Price ⇒ Meleagros

Meleagros quality assessment system

This is done through the application of various objective quality assessment systems and objective pricing resulting from a clear quality/price ratio

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