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our products

our products

Flower Honey

From the spring flowered slopes & plains of the Greek country

side, bees mix naturally nectar from a feast of wildflowers and
wild herbs that meet on their path, many of which are unique in
the world. Flower honey is one of the most aromatic honey of
Greek nature with soft taste, light color & a balanced bouquet of
flower aromas.
Flower honey is collected in the wider area of Southeastern
Peloponnese at an altitude of 300m.-1300m. from mid-April
until the end of August.
Its taste is sweet and reminds flowers. Due to different species
of nectar its taste is complexed and deep. Flower honey is a
result that occurs when bees collect nectar from various flowers,
during the spring flowering period.
It is honey with a really sweet character, ideal for accompanying
drinks, basic ingredient at cooking or pastry and suitable for
those looking for a honey with a “delicate” finish. It is lightcolored, sweet and very pleasant honey, with intense aromas
and rich taste. Flower honey is very light in the stomach, that’s
why is adored by a large portion of the consumer’s public. It is
highly balanced in ingredients and has a rich set of elements.
Its minerals play an important role in nutrition, metabolism
and growth of the human body.

Thyme Honey

It is considered excellent qualitied honey. It belongs to
flower honeys, but in reality it is a separate category due
to the strong aromatic and taste characteristics.
Its appearance is very attractive, that’s why it is usually
preferred by consumers. However, its great demand is due
to the fact that even if it is mixed with other types of honey
(even in small quantities), it decisively affects their aroma.
Its production rises to about 10% of the total honey
production of Greece.
Our company chooses southern Evia for the production
of thyme honey.
Taste: Thyme honey has a pleasant taste, but sometimes
because of high concentration of fructose, leaves a
burning sensation in the mouth.
Aroma: Highly aromatic honey.
Color: Usually light like amber.
Crystallization: This type of honey is crystallised
in a period of 6-18 months.
Nutritional value: Thyme honey is considered to have
tonic and antiseptic properties.

Pine Honey

About 65% of the total honey production in Greece derives from
pines. Pine, in fact, is considered the most important bee keeping
tree in our country. The main area for the production of pine
honey is northern Evia, which is considered unique in Greece
and particularly high qualitied. Our company, having as main
guide the quality, selects every year specific areas of northern
Evia for the production of the honey.
Taste: Due to low sugar concentration, pine’s honey flavor it is
not too sweet. Aroma: Special. Often is likened to the scent of
Color: Pine honey is darker than thyme. In fact, pine honey
produced in spring is lighter and clearer than in autumn.
Crystallization: Pine’s honey crystallization occurs slowly as its
natural glucose content is low. Specifically, if it is not mixed with
other herbs pine honey remains liquid, without being crystal

lized for more than a year and a half.
Nutritional value: Pine honey has high nutritional value and
this is mainly due to the large number of different substances in
its composition. From its substances is dominated by minerals
and trace elements (calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper,
etc.), which are found in large concentrations in Greek pine

The package of sticks 8gr

The package of sticks 8gr. Royal Bee enables packaging and
standardization not only for our honey production but also for
those beekeepers that desire it. Our company after undertaking
inspection process has a packaging certificate and honey certification
by the approved TUV AUSTRIA certification’s organization.
Therefore, the product standardization bears the signature of EN ISO
22000: 2005 certification. The label of each package can be covered
from our brand name or from the customer’s firm name upon
request. As concerning the sticks of 8 gr, a format (maquette) can be
designed from our external contractors to carry the customers label
fitting the standards of our special equipment machines.
Our goal is to provide excellent service to our customers and
satisfaction from the services being offered.

The packages consist of jars of 30gr-1000gr, sticks of 8gr or containers of 25kg.
Our company after undertaking inspection process has a packaging certificate and honey certification
by the approved TUV AUSTRIA certification’s organization.
Therefore, the product standardization bears the signature of EN ISO 22000: 2005 certification.

About us

our company

The owner of the company Mr. Korovesis and its executives,
having deep expertise and being visionaries in the honey
industry created Royal Bee company. Seeing the great
prospect of growth in honey production in the Greek but
mainly in the European market, he founded the company
with the sole focus on specialization in the standardization
of honey, utilizing previous experience.
The company deals with the packaging and standardization of
honey and is located in Nea Artaki, Chalkida. Our honey
is collected from the honey-bearing areas of Evia, is
standardized in our modern and certified laboratory with
specialized means and is available genuine and pure in the
Furthermore, our priority is to provide modern packaging
techniques and standardization of honey, which can offer
superior taste and high quality to all consumers. Also, our
company already has ISO 22000 certification


Our trained staff having excellent knowledge and many years of experience in the field of
beekeeping is willing to consult clients interested in subjects related to honey production,
packaging, sales and marketing in Greece and abroad.

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