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Stavropoulos export company of Elati vanilla honey from Greece

50 years of family tradition in honey production


The Stavropoulos family represents an impressive journey spanning fifty years of dedication and tradition in honey production. Their story begins in 1974, when the first generations of the family decided to enter the world of beekeeping with passion and love for nature.

From their initial effort in a small community, the Stavropoulos have managed to create a legacy of knowledge and experience in the field of beekeeping. Through countless hours of work and commitment, they have come up with a remarkable tradition that stands out for its high quality and authenticity.

Over the years, the Stavropoulos family has represented the true essence of beekeeping, combining traditional methods with modern technologies. Their commitment to quality and environmental sensitivity has made their honey an eclectic product, known for its exceptional taste and nutritional properties.

After fifty years of dedication, the Stavropoulos family continues to pursue excellence in beekeeping. The tradition passed down from generation to generation is alive and evolving by incorporating new knowledge and technologies. Adhering to the values of tradition and innovation, they continue to impress honey lovers with the exceptional quality they produce.

The Stavropoulos family doesn’t just produce honey, they compose a story behind each jar. With every sweet drop, they convey their love for the world of beekeeping and their commitment to high quality. It is a success story that spans over fifty years, leaving a strong imprint on the world of beekeeping and agriculture.


Natura 2000

Today, as a continuous 3 generation honey producer, Stavropoulos Georgios has focused on the production of Elatis vanilla honey which is produced exclusively in a privately owned area located in the Thana area of the Panachai mountain at an altitude of 1100 meters, which is included in the list of Natura 2000 areas

Honey Vanilla Elatis Stavropoulos

The vanilla fir honey produced in the Panachaikos mountain by the Stavropoulos cottage industry is a global natural innovation in the field of produced honeys due to the special quality characteristics it carries which derive from the microclimate of the area and the special vegetation that exists in the area of the Panachaikos mountain. which is rare worldwide


The company maintains the 500 and 950 gram jars as basic packaging and provides the possibility, after consultation, of any other packaging that serves its clientele

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