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Net Weight 400 grams

Apricot jam

Net Weight 400 grams

Strawberry jam

Net Weight 400 grams

Plum jam

Net Weight 400 grams

Cherry Jam

Net Weight 400 grams

FIG jam

Net Weight 400 grams

Pomegranate jam

Net Weight 400 grams

Olive jam

Net Weight 400 grams

Kiwi Jam

Net Weight 400 grams

Sour cherry Jam

Net Weight 400 grams

Orange jam

Net Weight 400 grams

Healthy and nutritious as the fruit it contains retains its nutrients after heat treatment. The losses are so small that they are comparable to those caused by cooking.

We harvest the fruit for our compotes at the peak of their ripeness and can them a few hours later, thus preserving their nutrients for up to two years! (In contrast, fresh fruit is often picked long before its nutritional content reaches its peak and takes 7 to 14 days to reach retail and then be consumed).

Regarding the addition of preservatives, the combination of heat treatment and low pH (relatively acidic environment) creates a product that is safe and stable for a long period of time, making the use of any preservative pointless.

The main reasons that ensure the excellent quality of our homemade jams are the exclusive use of fresh fruit, the traditional recipe, as well as the production in small quantities. And of course it is understood that any use of dyes, fragrances, preservatives or other substances is excluded.

The selection of fruits is carried out at the appropriate season and at the most ideal stage of ripening.

Cleaning the fruits and cutting them into small pieces is the first stage of a careful but at the same time quality process.

Fresh fruits combined with the right proportion of sugar and their correct boiling in open pots will bring out the rich aroma, the intense color as well as the original characteristic flavor of the jam. Small quantities ensure the best control of the production process.

About us

In the beautiful area of Piperia Aridaia, the company of Mr. Voskopoulos Kyriakos, under the name “Hellenic Marmalades Voskopoulos”, flourishes with the production of traditional jams. This is a business that has put its signature on quality and preserving the traditional flavors of the region.

The process of making jams is one of the precious secrets of the company of Voskopoulos Kyriakos, which has been dedicated to the production of traditional jams for many generations. The recipes used by this company are passed down from generation to generation and remain indelible over time. This transmission of knowledge and experience is what makes their jams so special and authentic.

Every step of the preparation is carried out with love and care, keeping the tradition alive and the quality at the highest level. The result is jams that embrace the taste of the past and bring out the flavor of the fruit to the highest degree.

These jams are an absolute treasure of our culinary heritage and offer us the opportunity to enjoy the taste of tradition in every created jar. It is a way to connect the present with the past, through gastronomy, and to keep our precious traditions alive.

The traditional way of making Voskopoulou’s Greek Jams highlights a successful tradition that it has in the world market. The quality, taste and consistency offered by these jams have created a special consumer audience that seeks authenticity and quality in their products. It is this audience that has enabled the gradual increase in annual production quantities.

The stable and quality production of Voskopoulos Greek Jams has established the product as a reliable and favorite choice in the field of international gastronomy. The continuous increase in production meets the demand for this quality approach and allows the product to reach new markets, while remaining faithful to the tradition and quality that characterizes it. This success exemplifies how tradition and quality can combine to create an internationally recognized culinary success.

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