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Export fresh fruits and vegetables from Greece


Our area

Velventos is located at the foot of the western Pieria, in a beautiful location, next to the artificial lake Polyphytos formed by Aliakmonas, it has approximately 4,000 inhabitants with the majority of them engaged in agriculture.

The microclimate resulting from the particularities of the area favors the cultivation of superior quality fruit

Our production fruits

From 1958 to 1970 the main production of the members of the cooperative was in strawberries, from 1970 it entered dynamically into the production of peaches and nectarines which they acquired


The products produced by the cooperative today have established themselves in the world market under the name VELVITA and are characterized as superior quality products characterized by their rich color and pleasant taste.

The main volume of production is in peaches and nectarines which occupy 85% of the total production with the remaining 15% being in apples about 12% and in cherries

Our fields

Τα κτήματα παραγωγής αριθμούνται σε περισσότερα από 6500 στρέμματα με τα ροδάκινα και τα νεκταρίνια να παράγονται περίπου στα 6000 στρέμματα , τα μήλα παράγονται στα 400 στρέμματα και στα υπόλοιπα περίπου 100 στρέμματα παράγονται κεράσια 

Quality maintenance and improvement department

One of the most important departments maintained by the cooperative is the department of quality preservation and improvement of the fruits produced by its members. The executives who make up this department are tasked with maintaining annual contact with producers and production estates with the aim of advising them and supplying them with material goods to maintain and improve the quality of the fruits they produce.

Also, our specialized staff are tasked with researching and implementing new cultivation techniques that can contribute to the timeless preservation of the quality prestige that Velvita products have in the world market.

Harvesting process

ASEPOP VELVENTOU with strategy and organization follows a specific procedure from the definition of the fruit harvest date to the final delivery to its facilities.

  • The definition of the harvest dates is made with the strict criterion of harvesting only the fruits that have the ideal conditions in terms of color and organoleptic elements, the success of the goal comes from the tactic of harvesting the fruits in several days in order to give the fruits the opportunity to grow up to their ideal quality state.
  • The packaging is done on the estates at the same time as they are harvested, thus avoiding unnecessary processes that could affect the quality of the fruit while preserving the freshness of the fruit that has been cut from the trees.
  • During the delivery of the fruits from the producers to the cooperative’s warehouses, they will go through a thorough quality control by our specialized staff and they will be recorded in detail with the necessary data and in the manner defined by the ISO system for which we are certified

1917 - 2023 106 years of life

ASEPOP VELVENTOU as a form today records 106 years of historical journey (1917 – 2023) and is internationally recognized as one of the oldest agricultural cooperatives in Europe, with its first official statute created in 1958

400 Members

ASEPOP VELVENTOU had 56 members in 1958, today the dynamic of the cooperative exceeds 400 members who maintain the moral values and ambition passed on to them by their ancestors

our facilities

The facilities of the cooperative are increased year by year and upgraded following the modern requirements of world trade, today the facilities are located in an area of approximately 35 acres, and consist of modern management offices, 11 cold rooms with controlled atmosphere, a warehouse of pesticides, storage areas and the sorting rooms which house the modern mechanical equipment for sorting and packing our fruits

Our workforce

ASEPOP VELVENTOU maintains in its workforce 10 permanent executives with high standards of professionalism, who are responsible for the flawless operation of the cooperative at all levels, while during the peak summer season it employs up to 90 people, as seasonal staff.

Our production in numbers

ASEPOP VELVENTOU, with peach as its main product. constitutes a healthy cooperative and an important driver of economic development for the area of Velventos Kozani, but also for the Greek economy.

He has managed to be known even outside the borders, thanks to the excellent quality products he produces and all the modern cultivation methods he applies. Its products are found all over Greece, while it also carries out important exports to Central and Eastern European countries, with Russia as its main market. The total volume of exports exceeds 3,250,000 kg.

The percentage of exports reaches 40% of total sales

Our clientele

The products are distributed by the cooperative itself in large supermarket chains, but also in various large markets in Greece. It also carries out large exports to the largest countries in Europe and Asia


The safety and quality of production products for ASEPO VELVENTOU was a timeless and non-negotiable goal before it became a requirement from the regulations imposed by the EU. as a result of which it receives the certification of systems such as: ISO, HACCP, GLOBALGAP AND EUREPGAP, while since 2002 the integrated management according to AGRO 2.1 2.2 has been implemented.

Its importance for both the producer and the consumer is critical, as it ensures the excellent quality of the product, which is the main concern of the cooperative.

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