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Export fresh fruits and vegetables from Greece


Our peaches

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Peach packing lines

Peach packing lines from ASK FLAMOURIAS

Packaging of peaches

Packiging of peaches from ASK FLAMOURIAS

Storage of peach in chambers

Storage in peach chambers in ASK FLAMOURIAS

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Apple packing lines

Apple packing lines in ASK FLAMOURIAS

Packaging of apples

Packaging of apples in ASK FLAMOURIAS

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Storage apple in chambers from ASK FLAMOURIAS

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Our cherries

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Cherries from ASK FLAMOURIAS

Cherries from ASK FLAMOURIAS

Cherries from ASK FLAMOURIAS

Cherries from ASK FLAMOURIAS

Cherry packing lines

Cherry packing lines in ASK FLAMOURIAS

Packaging of cherries

Packaging of cherries from ASK Flamourias

Storage of cherries in chambers

Storage of cherries in chambers from ASK FLAMOURIAS

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Our area

The village of Flamouria is a semi-mountainous settlement built at the foot of Mount Vermio, at an altitude of 315 meters, inhabited by 650 inhabitants. It is located at a distance of 10 kilometers from the city of Edessa, the capital of the prefecture of Pella in the heart of the Macedonian land and the capital of Ancient Macedonia and of the homeland of Alexander the Great, in Northern Greece. The most famous cherries of Greece and Europe, the famous cherries of Edessa, have been grown in this area for hundreds of years.

Flamouria used to be called Podos, but from 1928 it got its current name. The village, due to the excellent quality of its fruits, is included in the celebrations of the Greek land, and thus every July the cherry and table peach festival is organized.

Our certifications

ASK Flamourias implements the system of integrated production management, while it is certified according to ISO, HACCP, GLOBALGAP In ASK Flamourias, integrated management according to AGRO 2.1 2.2 has been applied since 2004.

Our cooperative

The Flamourias Community Agricultural Cooperative (A.S.K.) was founded in 1986, and was established by producer members of the village under the name G.P.S.Flamourias, and in recent years has been in its current form under the name A. S.K. Flamourias. The purpose of the Cooperative was the cultivation, standardization, packaging and distribution of superior quality fruit in the Greek market with the main customers being the central vegetable markets of Athens and Thessaloniki as well as the largest Greek super market chains. In recent years, A.S.K.Flamourias, due to the high quality of its products, has continuously increased the volume of its exports beyond the Greek borders. The main fruits cultivated today by the cooperative are the famous cherries and peaches of Flamouria, nectarines, apricots, plums, persimmons and of course the famous apples of Edessa.
Today’s main markets are large super market chains and central markets in Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait.

The cooperative currently consists of 140 active members – producers, and implements a system of integrated product management, which controls the implementation of the cooperative’s experienced agronomist.

our facilities

The Cooperative has privately owned facilities that cover an area of 13 acres and houses the offices, the receiving and loading facilities, the screening room, cold rooms, and storage areas. The eight cold rooms have a total capacity of 1,400,000 Kg. .Four of the chambers are Controlled Atmosphere and the rest are Maintenance.The Ozone Production & Supply System has been installed in the two Simple Maintenance chambers

Our equipment

A.S.K. Flamourias has a standard and modern unit for sorting, standardization and packaging, of high quality and specifications of cherries

  • Cherry water cooler
  • Cherry Calibrator (electronic sorter)
  • Stainless steel micro-packaging line with a total length of 20 meters

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