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Export fresh fruits and vegetables from Greece

BALBOUZIS FRUIT export company of Greek fruit

Production & kiwi trade

In our region, on the foothills of mountain Olympus, kiwis flourish because of the climate, which is known for mild winters and damply summers.

In Balbouzis Fruits we work with the varieties of Hayward and Tsechelidis.

The origin of the kiwis, is mainly from Thessaly and Pieria and the producers are Global Gap certified.

Packages of kiwi

3 Kg Package

6 Kg Package

10 Kg Package

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Trade of Oranges

Greek oranges are of excellent quality and are cultivated with special care.

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Trade of Tangerines

Tangerines grow in sunny and wind-protected planting locations. The most common variety is clementines.

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Trade of grapes

Characteristic of grapes is that depending on their color one can distinguish their variety.

Our products come from the regions of Thessaly and Pieria, while they include almost all color categories.

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Trade of pears

Most of the world’s pear production consists of dual-use, table and compote varieties.

In the past, every country, even every region, cultivated local varieties.The demands for increased production and high quality of fruits, from time to time pushed various researchers to create and spread new varieties, which are now cultivated in different countries of the world with similar climatic conditions.

The varieties that we personally deal with are Krystallia, Kontoules and Santa Maria that come from the wider area of ​​Thessaly.

Availability of pears

Trade of pomegranate

There are many local and foreign varieties of pomegranate, mainly American, grown in our country. Of these, the Wonderful variety stands out.

It has a large fruit size, with an attractive red skin color and a sweet and sour taste. It should be noted that the Wοnderful pomegranate variety is stored longer in the refrigerator.

Availability of pomegranate

Trade of apples

The apples we distribute come from different areas of Greece and in different varieties.

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Company profile




Balbouzis Fruits was established in 2010 by Balbouzis family. Having already a long – year experience in fruit and vegetable trade, our main aspiration is to transfer our previous knowledge in the field of packaging and export of the exquisite products that the Greek nature has to offer.



Throughout the entire production line BALBOUIS FRUITS is next to the grower with executive consulting methods to ensure, the harvest at the appropriate stage of growth and the secure storage in the proper temperature conditions.



The company’s commitment is the continuous improvement and effort for a permanently upward course based on integrity, excellent product quality and personal care.


Our facilities are established in Kouloura, Larissa, Greece.

They are amongst the most technologically advanced in Greece, with freezing chamber, antechamber for gradual cooling of the products, in order to avoid unpleasant side effects, as well as a specially designed packing plant.

An integral part of our company is our stuff that provides high quality services, with care and respect for the product.

Balbouzis Fruits as a grower

Besides the part of the trade services, Balbouzis Fruits success is also based on the fact that we have our own cultivations of goods, especially kiwis.

Going through the fourth generation of growers in the Balbouzis family, our constant development and adjustment in new cultivating techniques, guarantees abiding amelioration of our production line.

Parallel to all of the above, the convey of our personal knowledge to the growers working with us, creates a network of partnership that ensures the safety and the traceability of the final product. Our long – year experience on the primary sector has contributed to the creation of products that enhance our belief of fresh and pure goods on the table of the consumer.


Since the time of the ancient gods, Olympus has the attention of the entire world not only for cultural but also for geological reasons.

Gathering around the 25% of Greece’s flora, Olympus is the best place to grow cultivations of high quality.

The Mediterranean climate and the soil morphology contribute to the production of luxurious products that underline the philosophy of Balbouzis Fruits.


Balbouzis fruits is having complete respect for the current market need that demand absolute transparency throw-out the entire production line, so our company has the proportionate certificates. Specifically, Balbouzis Fruits has:

  • ISO 22000- HACCP
  • GLOBAL GAP expressly prohibits the copying of the visual material or part of the presentation for any use without written consent