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  • Hatzisalatas S.A. acknowledges its corporate and social responsibility of supplying excellent quality and safety products to the market, and therefore it applies and certifies, through independent accredited certification bodies, all the production activities, fulfilling both national and European regulations, as they are continuously amended regarding safety and health issues.
  • In addition, the company adopts customers concerns about safety of production in agricultural products and therefore it creates and supplies absolutely safe and completely certified products, exclusively through controlled groups of selected producers, with methods showing respect to the environment and promoting sustainability.
  • Hatzisalatas S.A. has obtained the absolute control of quality and safety of products arriving on the consumers’ plate during every production phase
  • From cultivation in the fields
  • The selection of right harvesting time
  • The storage under controlled temperature and humidity conditions
  • Τhe strict grading procedure
  • Τhe use of packaging materials suitable for health
  • The final distribution

Our facilities

Our facilities are located at the 3rd km of Agia-Larissa and in Melivoia, while they’re fully equipped for all needs

Apple refrigerator and packaging plant (year of construction: 2008, storage capacity 5,500 tons)
    Kiwi refrigerator and packaging plant (year of construction: 2018, storage capacity of 2,000 tons)
    Apple refrigerator (year of construction: 2019, storage capacity of 3,200 tons)
    Chestnut and cherry collection warehouse in Melivoia (year of construction: 2017)