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Products – Sizes

We offer our products in the market in packages that satisfy the needs of all customers, by size and with different number of pieces. The packages are accompanied by labels that indicate the necessary characteristics of the products.

There is also the possibility of producing private label products and, upon consultation, packaging according to the particular needs of customers.

Medicinal properties of garlic

Garlic has been used for thousands of years as both food and medicine. Many people around the world, especially those known for their excellent health and longevity, made and still make extensive use of garlic in their daily diet.

One of the conditions in which garlic consumption brings about the fastest and most obvious improvement is hypertension or high blood pressure. Garlic according to Dr. Piotrowski, has a dilating effect on blood vessels and consequently facilitates blood circulation.

Garlic and onion also have a prophylactic effect on the development of arteriosclerosis and subsequent high blood pressure and heart disease. It effectively treats cholesterol and triglycerides, which cause heart diseases and heart attacks.

Studies and experiments done on humans and animals have shown that garlic is one of the few natural and harmless substances that are effective in the treatment of diabetes, that is, the presence of a high percentage of sugar in the blood. It is an excellent detoxifier, improves general metabolism and has a stimulating effect on the liver, nervous system and blood circulation.

Numerous studies prove that garlic juice strengthens the body’s resistance against bacteria and fungi. It is also a very efficient blood purifier.

Dr Stoll documented the antibiotic and antibacterial effects of garlic and attributed this power to alliin, a sulphide amino acid contained in this gifted plant.

It is recalled that in order to keep garlic intact its therapeutic value must be consumed raw. By cooking it loses some of its strength.

Company profile
About us

The company MYRTSIDIS KON/NOS & SIA EE is the evolution of the individual business of Nikolaos Myrtsidis, which was founded with the exclusive purpose of processing, standardizing and marketing garlic.
The company is headquartered in Nea Vyssa Evros, the birthplace of its founder, which is also the largest garlic producing area in Greece.
MYRTSIDIS KON/NOS & SIA EE distributes its products to the Central Vegetable Market of Athens, Argos, Patras, Corinth and elsewhere. It also cooperates with Super Market chains on behalf of which it packages garlic.
The aim of the company MYRTSIDIS KON/NOS & SIA EE is the best service to its customers through personal contact and the ideal combination of quality / competitive price of its products.


Production starts from:

May 1-15
Prefecture of Laconia, Area: Viglafia


  • fresh garlic (green)
  • Small amounts
  • medium size
  • many cloves on the
  • wrist

May 15 – June 10
Prefecture of Evia, Regions: Psachna, Kastella, Politika


  • several quantities
  • large sizes

Notes: There are two varieties, white garlic (locally sown) and red, (white garlic with red iridescence on their outer surface). In these the seed comes from China. The quality of this production is good and the shelf life of the garlic is 3-4 months.

June 10 – June 30
production begins in N. Vyssa, Evros


  • white garlic
  • large sizes
  • rich taste
  • excellent durability
  • (up to 7 months)

*From the area of Vyssa there is availability until the month of March.

From Christmas to Spring there are parallel imports from Argentina and China for customers who want imported garlic. Other regions in Greece that produce garlic are Tripoli, Platykambos of Larissa, Kefalonia, Milos, Koufovouno Didymoteicho.



We have privately owned storage and processing facilities in Vyssa Evros and Tanagra Boeotia.

For the processing and preparation of the products we use specialized staff, people who know the secrets of garlic.


For packaging we have:

  • Enclosed Electric Garlic Packaging and Labeling Machines
  • Sealing machines for packing garlic
  • Label printers, which print the product characteristics, barcode, price in euros and anything else necessary
  • Trucks for private use, product loaders