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Starking Delicious

Large fruit, globular-shaped and elongated (masourato) with five typical mastoid outgrowths. Smooth-waxy bark with dark red color. Quality characteristics: Flesh yellowish-white, firm, juicy, sweet and aromatic. Harvest: Early September-mid October. Preservation: Very good to early summer.

Golden Delicious

Fruit medium to large, conical. Bark thin with yellow-orange color. Quality characteristics: Flesh yellowish, firm, crisp, juicy, slightly sourish-aromatic. Harvest: Early September. Preservation: Very good to early summer.

Royal Gala

Fruit of medium size, round. Moderately thick bark with red stripes. Quality characteristics: Flesh white, hard, crisp, very juicy, sweet. Harvest: August Preservation: Very good to spring.


Medium size fruit, globular-flattened. The bark is thick and has red pinkish color. Quality characteristics: Flesh yellowish, firm, juicy, sweet and aromatic. Harvest: October. Preservation: Very good until early summer.

Reinette Du canada

Fruit large, globular-flattened. Bark moderately thick, yellow-green to orange or brown coating (the part facing the sun). Quality characteristics: Flesh creamy white, firm, juicy, acidulous. Harvest: September. Preservation: Very good to spring.

Fyriki of Pelion

Fruit of medium size, oblong (kouloroeideis). Bark moderately thick, greenish-red coating (the part that sees the sun). Quality characteristics: Flesh yellowish, firm, very sweet and aromatic. Harvest: October Preservation: Very good until spring.



Agricultural Cooperative Union of Zagora-Pilio

Our story

The Agricultural Cooperative Union of Zagora-Pilio is one of the oldest co-operatives, since it was established in 1916 by 199 people of Zagora.


In 1985, the cooperative enters a new phase of action of organised commercial enterprise. The brand is enshrined and every authentic Zagorin apple bears the sticker which makes it stand out.

In 1996 the European Union recognises the apples as “Protected Designation of Origin” products. The apples now travel across the world and conquer all international markets. 100 years of continuous production and presence in the agricultural sector!

The Agricultural Cooperative produces apples of high quality, tested and certified with the qualification of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO).This distinction certifies that the Zagorin apple is a product of high quality. By using the“Integrated Production” method the Zagorin apple is clean, healthy, tested and this is why consumers in Greece and all around the world trust it.


1910The short story “Dead Traveler” (Al. Papadiamantis) makes a reference to “apples and potatoes and chestnuts from Zagora”.

1914The first law about Cooperative Unions is voted by the government.

1915The Government Gazette publishes the law 602/1915 on Cooperatives.

Konstantinos Samaras1916Foundation of the “Commercial Cooperative of Agricultural Products” of Zagora (October 27 1916). The priest Konstantinos Samaras becomes the interim President of the Cooperative.

Konstantinos Panopoulos1917The first elections for the Administrative and Supervisory Board of the Cooperative are held. First Elected President was Konstantinos Panopoulos, Professor.

1936Concern of members about a possible trade crisis due to the expansion of potato cultivation across the country.

Pilot integration into an integrated production management program.

Recognized as a Producer Group under the new EU Regulation 2200/96. Implementation of Annual Operational Plans.

Organizing a PROGNOSFRUIT Pan-European Conference in Volos.

1998HACCP integration procedures.

Electronic sorting and packaging machine
1999Purchase of the second electronic sorting machine.
First appearance of the microcarpa (small fruited).

20005th law about Cooperatives (2810/2000).

2001Adaptation to the modern market trend for complete product listing.

2002Chestnuts, olives and fyrikia in the common market scheme.

2003First request to the Ministry for crop restructuring – closed irrigation circuits.

Royal Gala
2004Cherries and apples royal gala in common marketing.
Advertisements in the spirit of the Olympic Games.

Production of Molasses made with PDO ZAGORIN firikia

100 years since the founding of the Cooperative.

Anniversary events and activities culminating in the weekend of 2-4 September 2016.

100 χρόνια Ζαγορίν
2017A two-volume project packaged in a box containing the film of the Cooperative for the history of the place and the Organization.

Panhellenic Student Competition for Healthy Diet.

Cheastnut exports in Italy.

2018The Cooperative is registered to the National Index of Intangible Cultural Heritage

Superior Taste Award for Zagorin molasses from Pelion Firiki.

The Cooperative in the “diamonds of the Greek economy”.

Export of apples to Jordan.