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The MC, a company with a long experience in the field of professional refrigeration, guarantees solutions tailored to the demands of the modern professional.

Quality / Satisfaction / Reliability

With ever increasing turnover, MC came to the Greek market in 2012 and changed the data in the commercial refrigeration. The professional has now his own man, with immediate solutions for anything needed, quickly and reliably. Your trust and satisfaction is a priority for us. At MC, our philosophy is the satisfied customers … because Mega requirements need Cool ideas !!!

Our services

With highly trained staff and ally the most modern methods, our work becomes fun. Our services extend in all areas of industrial refrigeration. Together we will find the most suitable solutions to all your designs


With the option we provide, of choosing between conventional and 3D visualization of our offers, you can now see your plans become reality before they are even built.


In all our services we offer guaranteed performance and operation certification with materials friendly to the environment.

  • The MC is certified in the use of fluorinated gases according to new EU standards

Mega coll ...

Because MEGA demands need COOL ideas


new refrigeration chambers, according to modern international standards providing installation and operational testing certification. With a choice between conventional and three-dimensional imaging of our offers you can now see your plans come true before they are even contstructed.

We are fixing

We provide repair services in your area, directly and economically, old refrigeration equipment offering you the chance to maximize the performance of your business and reduce its operating costs due to mechanical malfunctions or energy losses.

We are upgrading refrigeration facilities

Contact us to find the best solution for upgrading your facilities!

24 hour technical support

We are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ecological proposals / Energy saving / Guaranteed services

Our company provides “fresh” and ecological proposals for maximum energy savings in all refrigeration equipment and not only that … With guaranteed maintenance and periodic inspection of proper operation, the MC, ensures your satisfaction.

The mega cool in video

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