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Export fresh fruits and vegetables from Poland


Our products


Carrot is the main product of Carota group. We offer four varieties of carrot: Crofton, Elegance, Nerac, Sweet Heart. We have a production line to clean, sort and pack carrot. We store up to 17,000 tons of this vegetable and for our crops we use the best seeds produced by companies such as: Bejo, Rijk Zwaan, Nunhems. our offer includes: Premium carrot baby carrots packages: punnet + flow pack film 750g – 1kg plastic bag – 250g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg raschel bag – 5, 10, 15, 25kg vertbag 1kg clip bag with a label 1kg Depending on our customers’ needs, we may provide other packages or required labels, also of private brands.


Yellow onion is another leading product of Carota group. We grow the following varieties: Lorenzos, Rijnsburger 5 and Wama Pl. We have a production line to sort, peel and pack onion. We also store up to 8,000 tons of this vegetable. Premium type is the best sort of onion which is packed in one-kilogram carry bags. Other types of onion are offered in bigger packages. We offer sizes from 40 to 100mm; Premium onion is either in husks or peeled, which is our group specialty. packages: plastic bag – 250g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg raschel bag – 5, 10, 15, 25kg vertbag 1kg clip bag with a label 1kg Depending on our customers’ needs, we may provide other packages or required labels, also of private brands.


Kolejnym z produkowanym przez nas warzyw jest seler korzeniowy. Posiadamy linię produkcyjną do mycia, sortowania, obierania oraz pakowania selera. Przechowujemy jednocześnie do 1000 ton tego warzywa. W naszej ofercie jest seler w gramaturze od 500 do 1000 gramów opakowania: worek raszlowy – 5, 10, 15, 25 kg pudło kartonowe 10, 12 kg

Our company


Carota Sp. z o.o. is a group of producers situated in Lower Silesia in Poland. Every member of the group has a long-standing experience in vegetable production and the total area of crops amounts to almost 2,000 hectares.Our vegetable storehouses belong to the best in Europe – they can accommodate around 25,000 tons (currently 17,000 tons of carrot and 8,000 tons of onion).

Carota combines experience with the most modern solutions. Thanks to such an organisation we can offer high-quality vegetables all year round.

We have obtained GLOBALG.A.P and BRC certificates which prove complying with the highest standards in the process of production. BRC GLOBAL STANDARD – FOOD is for producers of food, especially for private brands. The standard was drawn up in Great Britain in 1998 by the British Retail Consortium.

We supervise our products at every stage of production: from the selection of seeds to the choice of modern packages. We also ensure that the Carota vegetables will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

The company’s capital is constituted by well-chosen management staff and qualified employees. Taking advantage of their potential, they care for stable development of the company, extending the offer; they also care for our recipients’ satisfaction.

The aim of Carota group is to offer fresh and clean vegetables of the best taste, available in convenient packages all year round.

carrot storage

Larders used for the storage of carrot and other root vegetables are equipped with cooling, moistening and ventilation systems controlled digitally. It allows for extending the storage time to maximum.

Carrot is stored in the temperature of about 0.5°C at high air humidity – around 98%.

Carrot is harvested after its roots are fully ripe; then its temperature is rapidly lowered in larder fridges.

After that, carrot is transported to larders with the capacity of 17,000 tons. Already there, carrot is stored in wooden box pallets, which makes it easier to maintain proper ventilation as well as supplying carrot to production lines.

onion storage

Our onion storehouse is composed of six chambers with perforated concrete floor. Ventilation, drying and cooling systems guarantee the highest quality of the product for a very long time.

After the harvest, onion is intensively dried and afterwards it is stored in the storehouse.

In the storehouse chambers, onion is stored loose up to 4.5 metre high. Both ventilation and cooling systems operate throughout the storage period, which ensures optimal temperature and moisture.

The onion storage process is controlled by an IT system and is supervised by our qualified staff.

25,000 ton storehouse

Carota group uses modern storage methods to provide the best quality of vegetables

We store 17,000 tons of carrot in modern cold stores where temperature and humidity are controlled by the air-moistening and -cooling systems controlled by computers.

The quality in a storehouse of a capacity for 8,000 tons of onion is ensured by an extremely efficient ventilation and cooling system.

Such equipment of a storage base makes it possible to maintain the highest quality for the whole period of vegetable storage.

carrot production line

Technological line to wash, sort and pack carrot is equipped with modern subunits, forming a uniform, digitally controlled system.

In the first stage of carrot production all kinds of mechanical contaminations and leaves are removed. Next, carrot is carefully washed, smoothed out and polished.

Optical system scanning every single piece of carrot enables us to offer repetitive and best quality product.

Production cycle is finished by automated vegetable weighing and packing.

The line includes also cut-and-polish machines to produce Baby Carrots, which allows us to offer this unusual and fashionable product. It is mainly aimed at children as well as at people appreciating healthy snacks in a convenient form.

onion production line

Technological line to sort, peel and pack onion is fully synchronised and connected by an information system.Video

In the process of onion production, firstly, defected husks, chive, roots and stone are separated. Next, too small items and onions not meeting quality requirements are rejected.

Remaining onions, sorted into separate sizes, undergo further cleaning.

Integrated module for automatic peeling of onion ensures hygiene, speed and repeatability of vegetable processing. Such an offer is an exception on the Polish market where manual peeling of onion is mostly applied.


Technological lines of Carota group are equipped with modern modules to pack products.

Sorted, washed and cleaned vegetables are transferred to individual points where they are automatically weighed and packed.

We use the following packages; however, always taking into account our Customer’s requirements.

punnet + flow pack film 750g – 1kg

plastic bag – 250g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg

vertbag 1kg

clip bag with a label 1 – 5kg

raschel bag – 5, 10, 15, 25kg

Depending on our Customers’ needs, Carota company may extend its range of packages.