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International transport from Slovenia


Our products

We organise full load services from:

SLOVENIA – SPAIN and back every day of the week ITALY – SPAIN every day of the week SPAIN – CROATIA periodically SPAIN – SERBIA once a week


A truck with split consignments heads towards Spain every Monday. The delivery takes place on Wednesday in Barcelona and on Thursday in Valencia. We also organise smaller shipments for other locations throughout Spain and Portugal. Such shipments are delivered to our partner in Barcelona, who delivers them to their final destinations. Split consignments are collected Thursdays and Fridays from Valencia and Barcelona for deliveries throughout Slovenia on Monday/Tuesday. We collect goods across Italy on a daily basis according to our clients’ wishes. We only collect packages with a minimum weight of 20kg.

Our company

B.Makovec transport d.o.o.

Our major activity is International Freight. The current market situation shows ongoing changes and novelties that make this sector quite demanding, and in no way monotonous

Novelties happen every day. However, the people working for B.Makovec can measure themselves with any kind of situation and take it on as a positive challenge. Our client’s wishes are our primary concern. We are open to any new idea and to innovative solutions in freight transport. We gladly discuss relevant issues with the students of the Institute of Transport and Logistics, Economics and Management development programs. We respect the saying “two heads know more than one” as a principle. We are aware that only knowledge and seriousness pave the way to total satisfaction and fidelity among our partners.

Our aim is to deliver the load safely and within the set time limit to its final destination. When the vehicle is unloaded, our job is to find a new load as near as possible, in order to minimize journeys with empty vehicles and unnecessary expenses. It is a must to have reliable partners throughout Europe for cargo loading purposes. Our strategy is to cover only specific regions in International Freight across Europe with our own vehicles, on the other hand, the regions we do not cover are taken care of by our trusted partners.