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This is what a carrot field looks like prior to harvest.

From the washing machine, the carrots go through a series of water showers with rollers that remove any remaining bits of soil or grass. Once they are completely clean, they pass through a sieve belt where all the small or broken carrots fall through the holes. Now is when the manual selection process takes place. The carrots move through a conveyor while our workers discard those that do not meet our quality standards.

Once they have been cooled, the carrots move on to the calibrator, which has five conveyors that they fall onto depending on their size, so as to be distributed to one place or another.

Now we begin the actual packaging process. All the weighing machines have a hopper, also known as a “lung”. The purpose of these “lungs” is to store carrots so that the weighing machines always have a sufficient amount of produce to ensure that the weighments are as accurate as possible. There are two types: the large ones, located right at the entrance of the packaging plant; and the small ones, one for each weighing machine, used to stack the produce (as you can see in the image).

The carrots are already loaded on the pallets but, before placing them in our cold storage unit, they are taken to the mesher, that wraps them in a pierced plastic film that lets the carrots breathe. With the mesh in place, the pallets are secured and can be moved from one place to another without fear of any carrots falling off.

Next, we move them to the cold storage unit until they are ready to be loaded onto a lorry that will take them to their final destination. Our cold storage unit keeps them at a temperature of 2º C and a humidity level of over 90%. This allows us to store the carrots in optimal conditions until the time of transportation. The carrots only leave the cold storage unit when they are ready to be shipped to their destination. Transportation always takes place in refrigerated lorries that keep the carrots at a constant temperature of 2º C.

About Us

Zanahorias Medrano S.A., a company devoted to carrot washing and marketing since 1965.

You will discover how we have gradually grown to become a leading company in the industry.

You may also view our facilities, processes and distribution methods.

But, as they say, “an image is worth a thousand words”, and therefore we hope our website will help answer all your questions regarding our company. However, if you do have any unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Zanahorias Medrano S.A. is a company that mainly focuses on the production and marketing of carrots.

When the company was founded in 1965, our produce was harvested straight from the fields, hand-washed in rivers and streams, and packed in sacks that were subsequently sent to the markets.

Since our establishment, we have always devoted great attention and care to our produce.

Moreover, we have always made an effort to change with the times, and here is a small proof.