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The founding of the Kobes company dates back to 1929, by A. Kobes senior, in the Bauerngasse in Nuremberg. As one of the first wine presses or “süßmostbetriebe” in the Bavarian region, cranberry juice from Finland was bottled and stored in the shop in Rothenburgerstr. 10 expelled. In 1930 the processing of apples and pears into sweet cider began. Followed by the production of elderberry, gooseberry and red/blackcurrant juice & nectar. The storage of the juices over the winter time was pasteurized in wooden barrels and glass bottles. At that time, this way of preserving juices was revolutionary. Due to the total destruction of the company in 1945, a suitable location for reconstruction was sought. This was finally found in 1946 in Feucht. One of the main reasons was the existing rock cellar, which was built by hand around 1846 and completed around 1890. The juice is still stored in the so-called ice cellars today and so we can guarantee a particularly high quality of the juices, stored in stainless steel tanks, all year round at a naturally constant temperature of 8-9 °C

In 1951 the first drop flowed from our distillery. Liqueur production followed. In the 1960s and 1970s, nectar production was intensified. For this purpose, fruit bushes and trees were planted and cultivated in the area around Förrenbach and Kirchensittenbach, and the harvested fruit was transported to Nuremberg. The first fruit reception outside of Nuremberg opened in Neumarkt i.d.O. in 1970. Another 5 followed in the next few years. Furthermore, school catering was supported extensively in Nuremberg/Fürth and Erlangen with fruit juices. Mobile sales expanded and direct delivery to private customers strengthened. A continuous expansion of the production and the storage rooms was always in focus in order to meet the requirements of the customers and above all the quality of the products.

In addition to the main product, apple juice, we also produce a wide range of fruit juice, fruit wine and beverages in-house for hospitals, schools and kindergartens, which are also sold to private customers and food retailers. We also refine your own fruit into spirits and liqueurs in our in-house distillery. Quality and hygiene standards are on the same line as customer satisfaction. Each batch of juice is analyzed and evaluated in the laboratory. In addition, control samples are given to independent institutes for testing. Traceability is guaranteed through all process steps back to the origin. We have the latest technology at our disposal to manufacture your products. We have always been training apprentices and specialists in the fruit juice industry. Together with qualified engineers, they ensure the perfect drop every day. From the region for the region.