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Since 1991 the fruit & vegetables cooperative Agrieuropa performs activities concerning production, processing and packaging of vegetables in the heart of Agropontino (province of Latina), especially in the towns of Terracina, San Felice Circeo, Sabaudia and Pontinia. These towns are known as cultivation areas due to their favorable climate and their fertile lands (made of natural sand) which allow an excellent cultivation of a variety of vegetables, with a huge possibility of production throughout the year. The 400 land hectares, of which 99% are covered by greenhouses, are arranged to achieve only high quality products, respecting the environment, safety and health of consumers and workers. Advanced techniques of cultivation, modern equipments, skillful agronomists, careful work and tested logistics summarize Agrieuropa’s system of “quality policy”, leading to a core objective: genuine products delivered with the utmost punctuality.

The Plant and the Process

In recent years, Agrieuropa’s plants have undergone interventions of substantial expansion and innovation, synonym of the company’s steady growth in order to respond to an increasingly demanding market. Indeed, thanks to the positive results obtained over the years, since 2010, the cooperative has implemented a substantial refurbishment of the factory, changing and enhancing the processing lines, the cells for refrigerated storage and its warehouses. Particular attention was dedicated to the new packaging lines for the supply of our best products in the First Range, where a cold chain is assured from the entrance of the raw product to the exit of the processed product. Furthermore,  the HACCP system, the GLOBALG.A.P. and IFS Food Voluntary Certifications guarantee the healthiness of the product.

Currently, the plant consists of 2 processing and packaging lines of valerian in trays and bags and 2 processing and packaging lines of bagged spinach, for total production capacity of about 45,000 packages per day, mainly aimed at the major European markets. Besides the processing and marketing of lettuce and spinach for direct consumption or as raw material for industries of Fourth Range, Agrieuropa also claims a twenty-year experience the manufacture and marketing of radishes, turnips, carrots and kohlrabi during the autumn-winter season as well as watermelon in the summer with supplies that range from May to September according to the various types currently requested by Italian and foreign GDO.


Agrieuropa guarantees the quality standard that has allowed us to consolidate excellent business relations with the major European countries such as Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, England, Poland, Czech Republic but also with the major fruit and vegetable markets of central and northern Italy.