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Our products

Natural peat

Block peat

Peat substrates

Our company

UAB “Presto Durpes” was founded in 2000 in Lithuania. Our company extract, process and sell peat and peat products. We work with 3 peat fields of the total area over 500 ha

Our products are packed into Big Bale and 250-litre sacks.

About 98% of our products are exported to more than 40 countries.

We make peat substrates of milled and block peat with the use of PG-Mix, Perlite, Fiba Zorb, clay, sand and other additives depending on customers’ demands.

Our products are made both for professionals and for hobby gardens.

Natural peat

It is widely used for gardening and green house cultures, for the production of peat substrates and for growing plants in pots and cassettes. Baltic peat ensures the best possible environment for plant development.

Wide range of raw materials:

» Block peat
» Milled peat
» Black Baltic peat

Peat substrates
At our customers’ requests we make substrates and earth mixtures, we use the peat of different fraction adding microelements and mineral fertilizers.

Substrates for different categories of professional and gardening:

» Ornamental plants
» Nursery gardens
» Vegetable farming
» Special cultures