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Our products


We can offer liftmounted, trailed or handcart sprayers to fulfill all need for any user. The use of sulfate guns or inter row screens are required by these equipements. All the versions have a polyetilene tank and it is offered a wide range of optional accesories.


These type of atomizers have a fun unit so as the phytosanitary product spreads in a proportional way and additionally having the change to addapt the atomizers according to your needs.


The SAHER mist blowers get a very fine drop thanks to a perfect mix with the air given by a turbine. It is possible to install a large number of outlets to get a best and homogeneus product distribution in the integral vineyard treatment.


The SAHER dusters are adapted for the distribution of powder products, specially sulphur, to be used in treatments for any type of crops. Our liftmounted sulphurater have an air injection system placed inside the tank, offering a product extraction in a proportional way during all the process. Adittionally, as the product never is in contact with the turbine, it avoids any fire risk. With reference to our trailed duster E-800, it is made of two feed screw that distribute the product to the back outlets, thanks to a hydraulic motor run. Then, a large flow turbine distribute the product to the different faces.


We can offer you different options for pruning equipments: autonomous or liftmounted, both with possibility for activating any pneumatic accessorie, covering all needs, from the small user to the most demanding professional.



We incorporate a new business line with the repair and manufacture of cultivators and diggers:

Our company

SAHER – Agricultural Machinery Manufacturer


Enterprise founded in 1967 and dedicated from their beginnings to the sprayer manufacture in the Penedès area, our established region. From the 80’s, we added the fan to our sprayers, being SAHER the first trademark in launching atomizers in different denomination of origin, someone so important in Spain such as La Rioja. Our introduction onto the market was increasing from that moment.

Nowadays, in the first years of the XXIst century, SAHER sells its equipments through distributors from all the Spanish areas and in different European Union countries.

We are in continuous growth and with the clear purpose to increase our international presence.



Our objective is the manufacture of agricultural machinery with high quality and accuracy, applying a technology that allows us to develop new equipments which satisfy our client needs and guarantee an effective and efficient crop protection.


Our vision is being a well-known trademark with prestige and a referent enterprise in the international agricultural sector.


  • Team work and great human value
  • Compromise
  • Excellence as guarantee to get a service quality
  • Responsibility to develop our work with effectiveness and efficacy
  • Innovation and continuous improvement
  • Custom client service


Our professional staff from R+D department is in continuous analysis to improve our equipment developments. We listen to our clients and offer them solutions in order to get an optimum performance in their crop treatments.

CE Regulation

All our machinery, both liftmounted and trailed equipments, carry out the CE regulation, which is demanded to be approved. So, we use high quality raw material which give us a perfect result to be able to develop an excellent agricultural machinery.


We design our equipments to be sure that the phytosanitary product distribution is pointed only towards the cultivation to be treated, getting a waste reduction and product saving. All of that, with a very oriented awareness towards the environment protection.