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Export companies of food products from Europe



Our products

Meat products

Pork Mountain Stake

SKU: 11501007 Category: Meat Preparations Tender pork chops, marinated with delicious spices from our place. A delicious dish that is easily served with many accompaniments. WEIGHT : 10 KGR

Pork Neck without bone Marinated

SKU: 11501008 Category: Meat Preparations PIECES / CRATE : 5


SKU: 11201201 Category: Meat Preparations The traditional Greek cockroach, with all the lamb chops and the right amount of gut, distributed effortlessly, ready for your spit.

Souvlaki Pork Shoulder Blade Handmade

SKU: 11501002 Category: Meat Preparations WEIGHT : 5 KGR

Meat Preparations Bulk

Beef Burger 160g

SKU: 11501103 Category: Meat Preparations Bulk Juicy tasty burger from selected beef mince. Ideal for making tasty burger. WEIGHT : 160 GR CRATE 5 KGR

Burger handmade 55-300g

SKU: 11501101 Category: Meat Preparations Bulk WEIGHT : 55 to 300 gr CRATE 5 kgr

Burger Homemade Stuffed 120g

SKU: 11501102 Category: Meat Preparations Bulk Fluffy minced beef, beef and pork in perfect proportion, giving the burgers a unique flavor combination and extra tenderness. WEIGHT : 120 GR CRATE 5 KGR

Fresh Florina’s

SKU: 11501112 Category: Meat Preparations Bulk The so-called rustic meat dish with veal & pork minced meat, with Florina’s pepper, spices, herbs and fresh local herbs. WEIGHT : 200 GR CRATE 5 KGR

Kebap Florina’s 25g

SKU: 11501107 Category: Meat Preparations Bulk One of the most famous traditional dishes of Florina, with 3 types of meat, beef, pork and lamb, with spices and fresh herbs. The dish contains 10 pieces of kebabs, accompanied by boxwood and chopped onion. CRATE : 25 GR on scales

Souvlaki Kebap Politiko (beef-lamb) 75g

SKU: 11501106 Category: Meat Preparations Bulk WEIGHT : 75 gr CRATE 5 kgr EU



Quality Guarantee

Our goal is to maintain the quality from production to consumption

Management System Standard EN ISO 22000: 2005

At Bellis SA we insist on tradition, choosing the quality. Our aim is quality products and services from production to consumption by the final customer.

All products are manufactured in a modern production environment, controlled on a daily basis, both in terms of supply of raw materials and production processes, with the certification system TÜV EN ISO 22000: 2005

Contributors & Methods

The range of our cooperation spans in North and South Greece and many islands of the country, while it’s important that there are partnerships that have overcome geographical boundaries with our products shipping in the European Union.

All our products manufactured and packaged by high-tech machinery in excellent health conditions, according to EU standards following different procedures in the preparation and packaging of products from beef and chicken, covering the needs of the business and the consumer.

Quality, diversity, authenticity, loyalty to tradition

Our main object is the processing of meat products, chicken, sausages and traditional smoked products, while priority and main concern is still the quality of raw materials, consumer safety and environmental protection.

The main feature of our products, besides quality, is the diversity , the authenticity and loyalty to tradition, with flavors that we knew from our grandparents and we maintain unchanged.

Element that strongly characterizes our company is the adaptability to new market conditions and to meet the many different needs of modern business and consumers through the wide variety of products.

The wide range of products and the various categories of production rank our family business into one of the largest companies in the broader area of Macedonia and Northern Greece.

Our history

Since 1994 we satisfy even the most demanding tasters.

Somewhere in 1994 the first retail and meat processing shop in downtown of Florina is opening. The founder is the father of the Bellis family and his youngest son.

All family members have an active role in the business.

In 1998, a modern laboratory for the production of meat and poultry production was established.

The starting point for the business is the year 2000, where is the establishment of BELLIS SA. The acquisition of a 10,000 sq.m. in Florina and the creation of modern facilities. All building installations are manufactured to EU standards. At the same time, there has been gradual investments in new production lines and actions along with a wider range of products.