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Export companies of food products from Europe

XANTHAKIS export company of wild artichokes of Tinos from Greece

Wild artichoke of Tinos

Why the wild artichoke of Tinos?

The wild Tinos artichoke is a precious treasure of nature, combining high nutritional value with excellent taste performance. This plant is known for its rich presence of antioxidant compounds, which are key to protecting the body from free radicals and preventing various diseases.

The wild artichoke of Tinos is distinguished for its high content of phytochemical components such as cynarins, flavonoids, phenolics and anthocyanins. These ingredients strengthen the body’s defenses against oxidative stress, thus promoting good health and well-being. In particular, the antioxidant properties of the wild artichoke of Tinos can contribute to the prevention of various diseases.

However, the value of this plant is not only limited to health benefits. The wild Tinos artichoke is also known for its excellent taste. Its leaves and fruits offer a unique taste, which combines freshness and softness with a light spicy aroma. This characteristic makes Tinos wild artichoke ideal for use in a variety of recipes, offering a rich flavor factor to any dish.

Another important aspect of the Tinos wild artichoke is its low sugar content. This plant offers a healthy option for those seeking to maintain or improve their health while limiting their sugar intake. This characteristic makes Tinos wild artichoke an ideal choice for those on low-sugar diets or diabetics.

In summary, the wild Tinos artichoke has an excellent combination of high antioxidant activity with refined taste and low sugar content. Incorporating it into our diet can help improve our health and enjoy a rich and tasty nutritional profile. Thus, it emerges as a valuable resource that must be incorporated into our daily diet to promote health and enjoy our culinary experience.

The production of wild artichoke in Tinos

Tinos, a pollution-free island with ideal climatic and soil conditions, is an excellent place for the production of high-quality wild artichokes. The island offers a natural environment where artichoke can grow without the use of chemicals or artificial fertilizers. Favorable climatic conditions provide ideal temperatures and humidity for plant growth, while good soil conditions ensure rich nutrition and good absorption of nutrients. The result is the production of artichokes with intense taste, aromas and nutrients that highlight the authentic taste of the soil and climate of Tinos.

Artichoke production is done with great care and respect for the environment, from planting to harvesting, with the sole aim that end consumers taste its superior quality.


Mr. Xanthakis’ company adopts the traditional way of storing the wild artichokes of Tinos, placing them in plastic buckets. Through this method, all their quality characteristics are preserved unchanged until the moment of consumption. This enables consumers to enjoy the nutritional value of artichokes with ease and convenience as they are ready to eat. In this way, the company ensures the supply of high-quality products that maintain their freshness and nutritional value, allowing consumers to enjoy a tasty and healthy experience.


Mr. Xanthakis’ company has developed close national and global partnerships with hotels that seek to provide high-quality dishes combined with the promotion of healthy eating, cruise ship and pleasure boat catering companies, as well as HORECA catering businesses. These partnerships allow the company to offer its products to different markets, strengthening its production and distribution circuit and expanding its presence in the haute cuisine and healthy food industry.

New collaborations

The ever-growing demand has led us to plan to double the quantity produced in 2024, with the result that it has the ability to create and pursue new partnerships for the upcoming harvest of wild artichokes from Tinos. The export manager, Mr. Xanthakis Michael, is available to any interested company that wishes to be informed and to provide them with all the information that documents the profitability of their investment.

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