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companies from europe / export companies from europe

Export companies of house hold items from Europe

ICA S.r.l. Export company from Italy

Our products

Industrial Rolls for every kind of use. Different price/quality categories in order to satisfy both the customers who pay attention to prices, and the ones asking for a superior quality. We have also Brown Paper Roll.

Hand Towel Rolls for every kind of use. Hand Towel Rolls in premium quality. Bright white, absorbent and tear resistant. Made from 2 layers of fresh pulp. Autocut Roll, Autocut Dispenser and Kitchen Rolls. We sell also Paper Hand Towels


V-fold towels, 2 plies pure pulp, Extra-soft, 100% biodegradable, it dissolves quickly in water.

Medical Couch Rolls for every kind of use. Our Medical Couch Rolls are made of 100% pure cellulose. Every roll has been treated with antibacterials and packed singularly

Toilet Paper for every kind of use. Mini jumbo and Maxi jumbo Toilet Paper. The exclusive selection of pure-cellulose fibers grants the product an high quality in terms of durability and softness.


Handkerchiefs, 4 plies, plain, 15 gsm 100% pure pulp SHEET SIZE 21cm x 21 cm CARTON SIZE 33 cm (W) x 40 cm (L) x 28 cm (D) QTY PER CARTON 24 packets of 10 x 10 handkerchiefs QTY PER PALLET 48 cartons

Coloured napkin, 2 plies, 17,5 gsm, embossed 100% pure pulp SHEET SIZE 33 cm x 33 cm SHEETS PER CARTON 48 packets of 50 napkins CARTONS PER PALLET 28 cartons

SHEET SIZE 24 x 22 cm CARTON SIZE 25,5 cm (W) x 57 cm (L) x 39 cm (D) QTY PER CARTON 25 packets of 150 sheets QTY PER PALLET 40 cartons

Our company



The constancy we put in our work and the on-going search for improvements, led ICA to reach in short time high levels of efficiency and a high quality service, which make us stand out from our competitors.

ICA’s customers can choose among over 40 types of paper in parent reels format: Pure Pulp (1-2- 3 ply, from 15 to 30 gsm); Mixed quality (1-2- 3 ply, from 19 to 25 gsm); different kind of recycled paper, depending on type of pulping used (100% recycled, brown paper, etc; 1-2 ply, from 17 to 34 gsm).

This wide variety of raw material, along with high-tech machinery capable of producing micro-glued paper (2-3 ply), gave us the opportunity to grow, reaching first the whole European market and then farther away, like Oceania, South East Asia and Africa.

We also offer to our customers a unique service: with us, it is possible to buy containers/trucks of 10 different products or more, granting customers a much greater freedom at the purchase.



Here at ICA, we are always looking to expand our product range in order to give our customer the wider choice as possible. That is why today we can count with wiper and towel rolls for all kinds of dispenser, double core hand towels, towel rolls with plastic bung inserted in carton core, coreless rolls, couch roll, etc. In this way, we aim to support customers in facing the various and numerous requests from the market.


Goods availability and fast delivery

Our wide range of standard products is always available in stock for a minimum of 1200 pallets; in this way, we can guarantee a just in time to customers closer to us and process the orders in very short time. Our range of standard products is constantly updated with new products and systems and it includes wiper rolls, hand towel rolls, toilet paper (jumbo and domestic rolls), couch rolls and folded hand towels (Z-V- C fold).



Our desire to contribute to a better world, to promote the use of renewable energies and the safeguard of our forests, led us to obtain the PEFC certification. This enables us to sell paper products whose pulp origin is 100% controlled by international organisms that aim to denounce whomever use and sell pulp and trees coming from virgin forests.

Trees like water and oxygen are primary sources of life and as such, they need to be safeguarded.