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companies from europe / export companies from europe

Export companies of fresh fruits and vegetables from Spain


Our products


Varieties: Navelina, Navel, Lane late, Navel Powel, Salustiana, Valencia late Caliber: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 Packaging: Box Carton/IFCO 15 KG – Encase, Loose, Girsac Description: Orange is the most consumed fruit in the world and today are grow in any place of the world. They are divided in 2 groups: The Navel Group characterized by having fruits with an internal or external umbilicus, seedless and consumed fresh. The White Grupo producing spherical shaped fruit of medium to large size without a navel. This fruit is eaten fresh and used in the production of orange juice.


Variedades: Satsuma, Okitsu, Cachirulo Caliber: 1-1x-2-3 Packaging: Box Wood/IFCO 10 KG – Encase, Lose, Pitufos


Varieties: Star Rubí, Marsh, Red Blush Caliber: 18-20-22 Packaging: Box Carton 7 KG – Encase, Lose


Varieties: Primofiori, Verna Caliber: 100-110-120 Packaging: Box Carton/IFCO 15 KG – Wood 10 KG – Encase, Loose Description: The variety of lemons we sell has a alongated shape, wuth a thin skin, with a yellow color, strong and resistant. This fruit containt a lot of Vitamin C and potassium.


Caliber: A-AA-AAA(depends on the diameter) Packaging: Box Carton/Wood/IFCO – Loose, Basket


Caliber: A-AA-AAA(depends on diameter) Packaging: Box Carton/IFCO – Encase, Lose, Basket Description: Round fruit with juicy flesh, like a peach with a smooth skin and bone. It has a excellent flavour and a good consistency. Contains Vitamins A, E and C and some fibres.


Caliber: A-AA-AAA(it depends on the diameter) Packaging: Box Carton/IFCO – Encase, Loose, Basket Description: It is a round, colored and juicy fruit.Its flesh has a very distinctive flavor and sugar. The fiber mixture containing improves intestinal transit and prevent cardiovascular diseases.


Caliber: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 Packaging: Box Carton/IFCO – Encase, Loose, Basket


Caliber: 3,4,5,6,7,8(depends on diameter) Packaging: Box Wood/IFCO – Loose, Basket Description: Its a fruit similar to peach, with a smaller form, orange color, not very juicy with a fibrous texture.


Variety: Cherry, Pera, Rama, Suelto, Cocktail Packaging: Case Carton – Flowpack, Loose Description: Is a fruit with a high content of vitamins and minerals.


Variety: Red, White Packaging: Bags 25 KG


Varieties: Morado, Spring Blanco, Spring Violeta, Blanco Caliber: Super(50-55mm), Extra(55-60mm), Yumbo(60+) Packaging: Cardboard Case/IFCO – 5 KG Bags Loose – Mesh 3 o 4 Cabezas – Butis 250 gr

Our company


Hormucan SL is a family business with over 50 years experience in the production and distribution of fruits and vegetables.

In the last 12 years, with the addition of the new generation, we have been expanding our goals, reaching for new opportunities all around the world. With this permise, we created a Network Marketing and Distribution of Fruits and Vegetables to large markets in various parts of Europe and West Africa. We have opted for HIGH QUALITY – PREMIUM, agricultural products from Spain having a strong relationship with cooperatives and local farmers.

Our products are subject to rigorous quality controls, collected in the best conditions reach their destination and retaining all its properties in the best state of maturation.

We work mainly citrus fruits that are the product of reference in Spain for its high quality and taste that characterizes the best in the world.

According seasons, we also export in automn fruits like Kaki Persimon, Pear and Grape, in spring and summer, we export Berries and Stone fruits.

The beginins of our company in the culture of carrot, which has generated a long experience in the production of vegetables.

In our product range, we work mainly in the production and marketing of carrot and Pumpkin on own farms in Spain, Portugal and Israel. In addition, we sell other products such as Garlic, Potatoes, Onions, Peppers and Tomatoes.


Our products of Spanish origin are distributed in large markets for fruit and vegetables in many European countries, West Africa and Israel.
We have a network of efficient logistics that ensures the preservation of the product in good condition and increasingly minimizing delivery times. Before its introduction in each market, these products are subjected to rigorous quality control in our transshipment and storage platforms