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Export fresh fruits and vegetables from Europe


Our products


Blackberries / Blueberries / Blueberries organic / Cherries / Physalisberry / Raspberries / Red currants / Strawberries / Strawberries Calinda

When you purchase BerryFresh, you can rest assured that your fruit was handled with the respect and care necessary: you can taste it too! Choosing Special Fruit means choosing: A client-oriented delicate fruits specialist Supply through a network of certified growers Own production The possibility to purchase large volumes from 1 grower 100% guaranteed food safety Not dependent on clock prices Packaging flexibility Here you can explore our complete assortment: apart from the availability calendar, country of origin and standard packaging, you will find a lot of advice about optimally storing and consuming your product and for the most enjoyable and tasty recipes.


Baby pineapple / Carambola / Cherimoya / Coconut / Fig / Granadilla / Kumquat / Lime / Lychee / Nashi pear / Passion fruit / Pepino / Persimmon / Physalis / Pitahaya / Pomegranate / Pomelo / Tamarillo

Special Fruit carries the word "Special" for a reason. For many years we have been retrieving exotics across the globe; often long before someone else has heard about them. Special Fruit knows its world: our buyers prefer to work locally: discover new products, find new growers, smell and taste under the sun.


Asparagus - green / Asparagus - white / Asparagus tips green / Asparagus tips white / Baby Corn / Beans / Chestnut / Ginger / Herbs / Horseradish / Lemongrass / Rawit pepper / Salsify / Snowpeas / Sugar snaps / Sweet potato

Here you can explore our assortment of special vegatables: apart from the availability calendar, country of origin and standard packaging, you will find a lot of advice about optimally storing and consuming your product and for the most enjoyable and tasty recipes.


Avocado / Mango / Ready to Eat / Mango by air / Papaya / Ready-to-eat

Our ready to eat assortment consists of mango, avocado and papaya. Fruit ripened to perfection as requested by our client. Ready for immediate selling and consumption or more suitable to remain in the shop for a few days? You ask, we supply! All products are available in the dimensions and packaging of your preference: ask your salesperson. And the taste? Magnificent! Special Fruit Ready To Eat: the label nobody can ignore!

Our company

30 years of expertise
We are located in Belgium, at the European intersection of sea, air and land trade routes, midway between the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. We supply our superior berries, exotics, special vegetables and an assortment of specialties to shop owners, supermarket chains, hotels, caterers and other large consumers throughout Europe.

Facts and figures

We have 11,500 m2 of storage with variable, energy efficient and sustainable cooling.
We employ 180 internationally-oriented staff members, specialised in logistics, fruit handling, sales, finance and quality control.
We have two fully-equipped facilities: our headquarters in Belgium and our subsidiary in Spain.
Our turnover (2019) is in excess of € 162 million, and increasing steadily.
Our customer base currently spans 28 countries
Our suppliers are found in all six continents
We believe in long-term relationships at both ends of our chain: supply and demand.
Our mission
Offer added value to all stakeholders (supplier, shareholder, employee and customer)
by means of entrepreneurial behaviour, based on years of experience and
innovative approach to the flow of goods of special, delicious, high quality and healthy fruit and vegetable varieties. From producer to consumer, year round,
and use this as leverage to continuously explore new market segments.

The essence of quality: at the source
When dealing with perishable goods, quality begins at the source. Our growers are carefully vetted in terms of expertise, experience, reliability and continuity. Particular attention is given to the use of fertilisers, additives and pesticides, and to sustainability. We expect all our suppliers to agree in writing to our strict procedure descriptions and business ethic.

Next, we check handling procedures in picking, selecting, storing, packaging and shipping produce from source to warehouse. Temperature control, responsible use of pesticides and hygiene are important aspects of our quality assurance process. And in countries where rules are more lenient, we still expect our suppliers to meet our strict demands.

The essence of quality: storage and logistics
Once in our warehouses, the care continues. Each delivery is entered into a track-and-trace system that ensures that the exact location and status of every item is known at all times. Each storage area has individual climate control, ensuring the correct temperatures and humidity for each type of produce. Our facilities are equipped to permit longer-term storage when necessary, utilising our advanced atmospheric control system. Produce can be pre-packaged if desirable: at Special Fruit all packaging needs and wishes are open to discussion. Before delivery to customers, a further stage of quality control is part of the process.

Physical checks are performed during final packaging, and sub-standard produce is removed. A similar check is performed during order picking to ensure that all orders entering the climate-controlled vehicle fleet at our disposal are in perfect condition.

The essence of quality: meeting standards. Or exceeding them
In the world of perishables, many national governments, European authorities and other legislators/regulators enforce standards of hygiene, storage and quality. Perhaps the most well-known requirements are those of HACCP, BRC and IFS.

However, for Special Fruit the most important requirements are even more strict. We ensure that our own quality requirements are always more stringent than those of such external authorities. For us, adherence to laws and external standards is just a starting point rather than a finish line.

The power of logistics
When importing fruit produce, a location near prominent ports is clearly an advantage. When wholesaling local fruit produce, a location near the areas of production is desirable. And when distributing such produce throughout Europe, a location convenient to air hubs, road nodes and inland shipping options is to be preferred. Add up all those different requirements, and only a few suitable places remain. Meer in Belgium is without a doubt one of those places: close to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam, close to the Hoogstraten production area and in the vicinity of the main aerial routes, roads and inland shipping centres. So there we are.

Our Meer logistic centre is uniquely flexible in its operation. Our in-house bonded warehouse allows us to take care of our own customs clearances and generate our own export documents without any delays.

Fresh products, short delivery terms
Our own logistic department manages a network of international carriers. Carriers with vehicles that meet the stringent requirements associated with perishables. Our specialists know exactly who can deliver which services and at what prices and service levels. With our locations close to the source and as every place in Europe can be reached within 48 hours, we are able to deliver quickly, resulting in better quality.

Our Corporate Social Responsability in a nutshell
Special in social responsibility
The supply chain for fruit is complex, and not always balanced. We believe it is our responsibility to actively help those links in the chain that need empowerment, and to support those unable to fend for themselves. As signatories of the SIFAV convenant, we help improve working conditions, support workers rights and improve labour standards wherever we operate.

Every year we have social audits conducted at our growers to ensure safe working conditions, among other things. As a company we have a great responsibility in this. Our goal is to import 90% of our total volume after successful audits by 2025. Last year, we achieved the great goal of 83% audited volume, an increase of more than 5% over the previous year.

Special in sustainability
The environmental impact of fruit trade can be significant, particularly in rural areas without a proper understanding of long-term issues surrounding fertilisation, pesticides, waste control and energy conservation.

Special in food safety
As more and more consumers discover new exotic food varieties, and as more and more producers discover the value of serving our western markets, new food safety risks can develop. To combat such undesirable effects, we adhere to the highest levels of compliance when it comes to international food safety standards, accepting European legislation as an absolute minimum.

Our Quality Management System is certified for Global GAP and conforms to the strict requirements of, amongst others, British Retail Consortium and International Food Standard. In our packaging facilities, all incoming products are routinely monitored for unwanted residues, and our Direct Sourcing procedures allow us to conform to any additional customer demands.