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companies from europe / export companies from europe

Export fresh fruits and vegetables from Europe

Zerzosfarms export fruits company from Greece

Superior quality fruit production

Family tradition from .....
Years of experience

The privately owned estates that produce the fruit with the zerzosfarms quality seal

Soil conditions

With the collaborations they maintain from research centers to nurseries, zerzosfarms executives choose to plant the trees in soils with ideal conditions that favor the production of superior quality fruit, without any compromise

Maintenance of estates

Zerzosfarms places great emphasis and many working hours on maintaining the estates throughout the year in a healthy and clean environment

Daily supervision

With the use of modern technology and our daily monitoring, we achieve the avoidance of any deterioration of the quality of the harvested fruits

Production ready

In the final stage of the cultivation, which is the harvest, the Zerzelidis brothers supervise and enforce that the harvest is done with reverent movements to avoid any damage from the wrong handling of the employee who does their harvesting.

Our fruits in their final form ready for sale


Apples Variety Granny Smith

Harvest season Packaging

Apples Variety Gala

Harvest season Packaging

Apricot Variety Carmen

Harvest season Packaging

Peaches Variety platifirst

Harvest season Packaging

Pears Variety Carmen

Harvest season Packaging

Pears Variety Abate fetel

Harvest season Packaging

ΗThe Zerzelidis family has been active since 1970 in the production of superior quality fruit, based in Korifi, Imathia Prefecture, today the management of the family tradition is in the hands of the Zerzelidis brothers Charalambos and Grigoris.

Their ambition to upgrade the quality results from their production to the highest degree, alongside the upgrading of their professional activity, has led the zerzosfarms company to develop into an export company that operates from production to final sale, maintaining all intermediary stages in its ownership, as a result of which it maintains absolute control over the promises it makes to its buyers.

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