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Großhandelsunternehmen von ausrüstungs produkte aus Kroatien

LETINA INOX D.O.O Großhandel

Our prodoucts

The closed tank

The closed storey tank

The closed tanks in combination bottom+top

The square tank

The insulated tank

The tank with air cap

The tank with air cap and slope bottom

Pressure tank

The wineficator romat

The wineficator winematic

The tank for forklift transport

The multi-purpose mixer

The tank with floating cap

The tank with air cap

Tank for the storage

Extruded products

Our company

About us

The company Letina inox works successfully for over 15 years on the European and world markets. In our own manufacturing facilities with area larger than 10.000m² with a help of superior technology, our high quality products are beeing developed and produced. Our greatest value lies in 140 young, motivated and professional employees who are foundation of our success.
The particular emphasis in our production is placed in the quality control. Each of our product is tested and reviewed by the internal control before it leaves our manufacturing plant because quality is our principal.
Beside the standard tanks that are presented in this catalogue, we are also able to produce any tank out of our standards. They will be fully adapted to the customer’s requests. Our construction team is avaiable any time to all our customers – all to mutual satisfaction.